Setting a beautiful table is on everyone's mind when hosting a dinner or lunch. But how does one do it? What things should be kept in mind? And how to make the table setting look beautiful and simple? The answer is relatively easy, set a theme! But again, the question of how pops up. So how do you decide which theme to pick for the table setting? Here are a few tips to help you out with it.
1. Take a walk:  The most straightforward way of choosing a theme is to take a walk around your home and look for items that match. For example, a vase of roses and a painting of roses. These could be grouped together for a pretty setting. So the primary way to decide on a theme is to look at things available in the house that match each other.
2. Use your hobby: If you have any particular hobby or special interest, you can use it to decorate your table and put forward a brand new theme in front of your guests.
3. Colour code: Another common way of setting up a theme is to colour code the table. For a beach setting, you can use blue and white. For dinner at your home, warm and elegant colours like yellow or orange would do the job. 
4. Holidays: If the dinner is on holiday, decorate the table depending on the holiday. For Christmas, green, gold and red colours would do the job. For Diwali, candles and Diyas can be added to the table.
5. Seasons: Seasons can be a significant theme as well. Adding season components as a theme to the table makes the table look elegant and beautiful. Fall and Spring as seasons provide many elements to add to the table setting.
6. Unique elements: If you own any special pieces in the house, for instance, a unique heirloom or table cloth or cutlery, then add a few items that go along with it, and you have a table theme decided.
7. Beautiful Napkins: Beautiful and various napkins can serve as inspiration in
choosing a theme for the table. In addition, they can be used as theme napkins and table mats to make plats look more elegant and to celebrate holidays and special occasions.
8. Sharing a message: Is there a "message" you are trying to convey? Then you can use elements to decorate the table that gives your message and act as a theme.
9. White always works: White works for every occasion and suits every theme. A pure white and elegant table radiates warmth and beauty and is always worth a shot.
March 01, 2023 — Kaunteya Limited
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