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Airavata is a mesmerizing mix of Pattachitra and God's Vahanas.

The fascinating white elephant of Lord Indra. The spiritual wealth seeker Ooloka(owl). Mayur- Adorning the love; the golden skin lion- Simha. The wish-granting - Nandi and the golden-bodied king - Garuda.

Pattachitra depicts the beauty of all these Vahans. An art form native to Eastern India and its intricacy and capacity to narrate the mythology and folktales has given it recognition on the world platform.

The Airavata series emulates this process in a modern set-up and is designed in sombre shades, bold lines depicting stark expressions of the Vahanas, earthy elemental setting, finished in 24k gold finish.

Behold Airavata to experience it.

From the people
I am so impressed by the quality and the craftsmanship. The crockery is so luxurious and high-end. Got my parents a set of Byah and Jyamiti Coffee Mugs & Cookie Plates.
— Ajay
It is a very high-end crockery collection with elegant designs and fine quality. The range is exclusive and cannot be compared to other printed bone china available in the market. I would highly recommend this to all who need a different look to their plating and serving! Needless to say, good quality comes at a good price :)
— Ankur Jain
Seeing is Believing..So suggest everyone to have a look and experience some thing unique and first time in India in this category of products.
— Jasmeet Singh
Superb Luxury collection. Absolutely unique & hand crafted. It's an art which is worth investing in. I just did & i am so glad to have done that
— Prachi Gupta
Simply awesome
Great Designs
Excellent Quality
Superior packaging
Timely Delivery
— Amit Jain
Beautiful collection and awesome quality.
— Shweta
Designs are awesome and crafted beautifully.
— Anshul
All the series are so nicely designed. Loved them
— Gaurav
I gifted Byah Coffee mugs and Cookie Plate to my friend on her wedding. She was so happy to see them.
Superb collection @ Kaunteya
— Meenal
I liked the concepts and designs very much. Beautiful collection!
— Archana
Looks elegant.
— Tripta