Airavata - Sugar Pot


Made from sturdy, sleek, & lightweight Fine Bone China. The Airavata Sugar Pot is filled with motifs that draw their inspiration from the Pattachitra art form. The motifs seek to depict the Vahanas of Hindu Deities.

The wares have been hand decorated with pastel hues of yellow and green. They have been intricately decorated with bold lines, accompanied by a single tone setting, and highlighted with 24-karat gold. The wares undergo three stages of firing and stringent quality checks to achieve the desired finish.

The colours and gold used are food safe.


Ware Care :

  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • Dry with soft cotton cloth.
  • Use soft sponge, do not scrub.
  • Not microwave & dishwasher safe, it is 24k gold.

SKU : AI019

SIZE :  4" x 5" x 4" (inches)
        : 10.16 X 12.17 X 10.16 (centimeters)