Gift Set- Kansa Snack Set (6 Pcs)


Kansa Snack Set contains:  2 Snack Plate, 2 Glass, 2 spoons.

Our Kansa Collection is a fusion of tradition and innovation. The Thali Set has been crafted by skilled tribal artisans. Kansa is an alloy of 78% Copper and 22% tin and is celebrated for its remarkable attributes. Beyond its health benefits, Kansa's natural heat conductivity keeps food warm and flavours intact. Cherished since ancient times for its gut-friendly properties, Kansa has also found its place in Indian temples.

Our Kansa Bagheera collection pays homage to the profound connection between mankind and nature. Elevate your dining experience with this plate that blends heritage, health, and artistic ingenuity.

Product colours may vary slightly. Size differences are inherent due to handmade craftsmanship.


Ware Care: 

  • Wash it with your regular detergent.
  • Once in a while use Imli (Tamarind) for better shine.
  • Don’t leave citrus food in the vessel for a very long time.

SKU: KA011


SIZE : 13.5" X 13" X 4.5 (inches)

        : 34.29 X 33.02 X 11.43 (centimeters)