Wine Placemat and Napkin (Set of 2)


Thick Handloom Silk Mats intricately woven through traditional techniques from Rajasthan and decorated with golden pita work, making them an unparalleled companion for our crockery.

Our finely crafted napkins, made from the exquisite Handloom Silk Chanderi, are soft to the touch. They add a lustrous yet delicate angle to the overall elegant look of your table laying.

Series Best Suited for- Byah


Care :   Dry-clean only

SKU : TL001

SIZE : Placemats : 13.5" X 19.5" I Napkins : 20" X 20" (inches)
         : Placemats: 34.29 X 49.53 (centimeters) | Napkins: 50.8 X 50.8 (centimeters)